[I’m cross-posting again today with another fellow writer, Joy Bach. Her blog is Life Moments, and I bet you can figure out what she writes about. Pop over to her blog for another 100-word story from me, and have a look around while you’re there. And don’t forget–bloggers love comments! Here’s Joy’s little story:]

Hello from Salyburg. On this kezboard the y and z are switched. Zesterdaz we visited the castle of mad King Ludwig. Then we went from crayz to sober…visting the camp at Dachau. When we got to our room (which is barelz big enough to turn around in) we left almost immediatelz to attend a concert in the Fortress, a castle on top of the hill. Todaz we went underground 650 feet to the salt mines, then to Eagles Nest…Hitler’s Retreat. To the funnz ones who wrote with the y and z switched, verz cute. This is a lot of fun.


If you have a blog or a website and you’d like to do something like this, please let me know! 

Also–pop over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to get Stolen Postcards–it would make a great Christmas present!


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