I’m cross-posting today with Yvonne Blake, whose blog is My Back Door. Yvonne’s passion is for nurturing writing in children, as you’ll see below. In the spirit of Stolen Postcards,  I asked Yvonne to send me a 100-word post. I hope you’ll follow the  link to see what I sent her to post there. If you have a blog–of any type–that you’d like to cross-promote here, let me know!


Hannah: How much do I have to write?

Polliwog Pages: A long story isn’t better than a short one. It’s the words that you use.

Do your maple leaves crunch and your chipmunks scurry?

Does the quiet veteran limp and the toddler princess twirl?

Do your geese squawk and your crickets harmonize with the whippoorwills?

Does the clam chowder simmer and the butter ooze over oven-fresh biscuits?

Your story will sparkle when you use the right words.

Hannah: Oh, I know what I want to write about!

Another Polliwog Kid splashes into her imagination and paints a story with words.


polliwog-logo-300pxPolliwog Pages is a place where kids play with words. Young authors can share their writing with family and friends, both younger kids and teens. They can find games to play and books to read. If youngsters want to improve their skills, reasonably priced lessons are available– personally tutored via email.

Come, splash into writing at www.polliwogpage.com

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/polliwogpages/

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