Since I started this social media blitz to generate some excitement for my book (Stolen Postcards Stolen Postcards Stolen Postcards, in case you’ve forgotten), I’ve been thinking about small things, and parts of things, and what things are made of. I know that’s a bit of a leap from 100-word stories, but that’s how my mind works. Usually at 3:00 in the morning.

So I’ve got this list—things other things are made of—and I’m going to use the items on the list as jumping-off points for the next several entries here (posted on Fridays, for the most part). You might get a bit of insight into how I work as a writer, too, because even though the catalyst for a teeny story might be plastic or paper or stone, that doesn’t mean that I’ll write about plastic or paper or stone. Because who would want to read that? This is what I mean:


When Moira heard the floors creaking, she should have just called the police, but she was darned if a burglar was going to take her TV. She slipped out of bed, then chose a hefty log from near the bedroom fireplaceimg_3919.

The burglar was fiddling with the television. Moira swung the log, but all she did was get his attention. “Hey!” he said, and she walloped him, right on top of the head. He slid to the floor, moaning and cussing.

“Sorry!” Moira said. “I should call the police now, but can I get you something? Some water? A hanky?”



To read more tiny stories, visit Jan Ackerson, writer on Facebook. Or use the icons below to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, where you’ll more likely get illustrated snippets and thoughts on writing. And sometimes cute granddaughters.

From now on (I think), I’ll let the stories speak for me. No more commentary, just characters doing little things.

Also: Please feed the writer. Comments are nice. So is sharing this blog with friends.

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