Hey, I’m back!

Several years ago, I had a blog called “100 Words,” which featured short stories that each had … well, you can figure that out. Recently, I’ve been working with my friend and publisher, Deb Porter from Breath of Fresh Air Press, to publish a compilation of those stories. It’s called Stolen Postcards, and it’ll be released next month.

Here’s one of the stories you’ll find in that book. I hope to post here once a week or so, but with entirely new stories (some may be longer than 100 words, and some may even be shorter). If you only have a little bit of spare time in your life, maybe spend a minute or two here.


The school was only seven blocks from Annie’s house, so most mornings she walked. On this fall morning, she passed a large pile of leaves in front of Mr. Bukowski’s house, pretty sure that it would be wrong to jump in them.

            But after school, she couldn’t resist. Pulling off her shoes, she hopped into the pile, enjoying their crackle and crunch.

            “Hey! You gonna rake those back up?”

            Annie turned, embarrassed. “Sorry, Mr. Bukowski.”

            “Geeze, Mrs. Werner, I thought you was one of them teens.”

            Annie put her pumps back on and pushed the leaves back into a pile.

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